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The Simplest Way To Choose Your Ebook’s Topic

“Being able to control your breathing is a 5,000 year old idea.

Being able to control your thinking is a 5,000 year old idea.

Being able to control your body is a 5,000 year old.

There is nothing “new” to these things, they are just rediscovered”

– Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

“I don’t know what to write about.” HELP!

You don’t need new ideas. You need to present your ideas entertainingly.

Most best-sellers ebook authors are just a regurgitation of other best-sellers and all-time classics.

The big players do this. You should do the same.

Don’t overthink this.

Now, I am not promoting you plagiarize.

Don’t, or you will get sued.

What I’m saying is that only you can say stuff using your voice.

So use your writing abilities, and profit.

Write about:

  • What you like and love
  • Your previous fears and how to defeat them
  • How you fix stuff
  • Mindset, habits, meaningful endeavors, mission, personal growth
  • Learning a skill and how to master it

The Simplest Way To Choose Your Ebook’s Topic

You will now learn how to choose your topic.

You do so by niching down. Don’t ask questions. Niche down.

Niching down means choosing a smaller issue within a large industry, topic or skill.

By niching down, you’re making it simpler for you to create your product.

Every Area of Knowledge is composed of several sub-topics or sub-skills.

Let me give you an example:

Learning to play the piano can be divided into:

  • Learn to read sheet music
  • Read the treble clef
  • Read the bass clef
  • Learn the names of the keys
  • Associate a note with the physical key of the piano
  • Using the left hand
  • Using the right hand
  • Keeping pace and rhythm
  • Learn the different musical scales

If you’re a musician you could write an ebook titled: “Simplest Way To Read Music.”

You don’t even need a 100% original title. Look at the name of my course… «Write Your Ebook In 7 Days». Nothing original about it.

So choose one of the sub-skills/topics and write about it in deep detail throughout your ebook.

Title templates you can steal from me

How To _ in _ minutes/hours/days

What Everybody Ought to Know About _

Get Rid of _ in _ hours

Smart Strategies To __

No-Nonsense Guide To __

What No One Tells You About __

Tactics To _

The Secret of Successful _

Little Known Ways to Hack __

Quick Way to _

Secrets to _

Why should you niche down?

In the tech world there’s a term named “Scope Creep”.

“Scope Creep in project management refers to changes, continuous or uncontrolled growth in a project’s scope, at any point after the project begins.1”

By niching down you prevent the scope creep from invading you.

Resist the urge to make the a book larger than it’s supposed to be.

So keep your ebook short. At least +5000 words long.

I know some of you guys already have your writing habit well-established.

So to you, I throw this challenge: write 3000 words per day everyday for the next 7 days.

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