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Top 9 Copywriting Mistakes

Ever read a fantastic headline but the article was boring?

Boring content:

  • Gets low engagement
  • Bores your readers
  • Kills conversion

Don’t ruin your reader’s dopamine high.

So avoid these 9 caption buzz-killers in your posts.

1. Unsexy first line

The first line is “the ad of your post.”

Get them right to encourage readers to continue reading.

Pro tip: write it last.

2. Insufficient line breaks

A blob of text is hard to read.

Write shorter sentences.

This boosts engagement and makes your post easier to read.

3. Using hashtags

A highlighted pound sign with useless content is distracting.

Stop forcing hashtags into your captions.

Use them at the end or avoid them.

4. Being too formal

Kindly note, that it’s my pleasure to inform you that…

Too much formality reduces engagement.

Because in real life, no one speaks as if they had a pole up their gluteus maximus.

5. Jargon is lethal

Write to be understood. Not to impress.

Jargon kills comprehension.

And kills attention.


6. Weak call to action

Always include a next step at the end of your post (or in the comments).

It could be asking people to sign up for your newsletter.

Or to leave a comment.

7. Vagueness

An unfocused story confuses your readers.

Be specific.

Because being specific is persuasive.

8. Making yourself the star

Write your post and substitute any “I”, “we”, or “myself” with “you”.

But be wary.

The game is to get more followers, not to insult them.

9. Insulting your audience

I’ve seen people talking smack about their readers.

Don’t insult your audience…

Unless your goal is for people to stop listening to you like they’ve stopped listening to woke movie stars who insulted their fans.

See you again soon.

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