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How I turned Twitter into a six-figure, nearly automated machine

I turned Twitter into a six-figure, nearly automated machine.

But the way I built my Twitter empire is unlike that of 99% of other people out there.

Can I share my secrets with you?

It all starts with what I call a “SoloFunnel.”

Here we go:

What is a SoloFunnel?

A SoloFunnel is a five-step process for building a profitable Twitter six-figure business.

The goal is to establish trust with your audience and provide solutions to their problems in order to generate six-figure income on Twitter.

And today I have so much to show you.

But let me start with this:

My Twitter SoloFunnel consists of five essential steps:

1/ Attract the right audience

2/ Collect leads

3/ Nurture relationships via email

4/ Offer them a product or service

5/ Optimize and repeat

Let’s do a deep dive into each.

1/ Attract the right audience

You don’t need millions of followers to make a six-figure income on Twitter.

Pick a topic you love.

Share problem-solving content.

And your target audience will flock towards you.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Q1: What problems will I be solving?
  • Q2: Who is experiencing these problems?
  • Q3: What am I currently doing that can be of value to them?

These questions will help you tweet about non-generic ideas.

That way, you’ll be able to:

  • Share stories about how you overcame specific challenges
  • Create content that tackles the needs of a specific group of people
  • Show a new technique you discovered

2/ Collect leads

Offer a free resource, mini-course, or newsletter in exchange for their email address.

I recommend you start with free software like @Gumroad.

With it, you’ll be able to:

  • Craft a simple landing page
  • Give away free stuff
  • Collect email
  • Automate emails

Don’t overcomplicate this.

A fast way to collect leads with Twitter is:

  • Pinning a tweet with a link to your landing page
  • Or post curiosity-driven AutoDM tweet to easily capture leads.

“An AutoDM? Da’ hell’s that?”

I wrote a post about it.

>>> Read the AutoDM post here

3/ Nurture relationships via email

As you collect leads, nurture them through personalized emails.

Share more of your experiences, stories, and insights.

Connect with your audience on a deeper level and make them feel understood.

Remember: Relationships come first; sales will follow naturally.

Here are simple emails you can send:

  • Welcome email: Introduce your brand.
  • Content email: Share valuable content.
  • Engagement email: Encourage a reply.
  • Product/service email: Introduce paid services
  • Testimonial email: Share social proof
  • Offer email: Provide a limited-time offer
  • Follow-up email: Provide additional information

Best thing?

You can set these emails up on Gumroad too.

4/ Offer them a product or service

With trust established, present your irresistible offer.

Your offer should be based on the problems they’re facing.

And how your skills can solve them.

It could be a coaching call, a digital product, or a service.

If you’re selling digital products, you can do so with Gumroad.

If you’re selling coaching or services, I suggest you open a Calendly account so that people can book calls with you.

5/ Optimize and repeat

Consistently evaluate your SoloFunnel’s performance.

Keep an eye on what works best for your audience.

Rinse and repeat this process.

And keep growing your six-figure Twitter SoloFunnel.

Then double down on what works.

And eliminate the rest.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s getting the most engagement?
  • What’s prompting the most questions?
  • What am I enjoying the most?

BONUS TIP: Keep it simple

You don’t need complex systems or expensive tools for success with SoloFunnels.

Focus on:

  • Problem-solving content
  • Offers services that help your audience.
  • And use a simple way to receive payments (Gumroad, Stripe, PayPal)

This is your ticket to a thriving Twitter SoloFunnel.

Next Steps

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Get your free guide on how to grow a 6-figure solobusiness with the SoloFunnel Blueprint

By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Jose Rosado. We’ll respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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