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7 Insanely Simple Ways To Grow Your Twitter Account

Twitter can be a great platform for marketing, selling, growing a brand, and making big bucks.

Many people have been able to fund entire lifestyles and build businesses through the power of Twitter.

Even people with 9 to 5 jobs are able to use Twitter to make money on the side.

The thing is that a lot of people find it difficult to gain followers quickly or figure out how to grow on the platform.

If you’re struggling to gain more followers or wondering why other accounts are exploding so quickly while your follower count remains, then keep reading,

01 – Provide Value Upfront

One of the keys to growing an online following on any platform is providing value. The three pillars of providing value online are to:

– Educate (provide an exact solution to a problem – paid or free)

– Entertain (make them laugh, make them think, make them wonder)

– Inspire (make people feel good about themselves)

If you can make people learn, make people laugh, or make people motivated, you’ll do very well on Twitter.

If you can do all three, your success is guaranteed.

Some great tools for informative content are linking to more in-depth content pieces like blog articles or videos.

Another great way to educate people on Twitter is with the use of Tweet threads. A thread is a string of multiple tweets that usually cover one topic or idea.

Finally, if you want to inspire tweet famous quotes, personal stories, and testimonies. People love an underdog story and to hear personal accounts of perseverance.

02 – Be Authentic

People are attracted to authentic content.

They don’t want soulless, automated, corporatized messaging.

They want something real.

Share content that makes you look like a real person. It makes you more trustworthy.

Being authentic is also about being vulnerable. For example,

>>> Check this video to watch me learning boxing

I’m a newb at this. So you won’t sense the striking power. Still, I share my journey, even though I suck at boxing at the moment of that recording.

See, people listen to and follow accounts they feel like they can relate to.

One big advantage personal brands have over company brands is being more relateable and feeling more human.

Being authentic is a huge factor when it comes to building trust with people and people who trust you are far more likely to follow you, support you, and buy your products.

03 – Network A Lot

Networking is huge.

It can allow you to amplify your account, gain valuable connections, and build deep connections with potential customers.

I have hired from and gotten hired using Twitter.

Twitter money is real.

Networking has multiple facets and many of them will happen naturally as you share and respond to content on Twitter.

You can network upward, downward, and laterally.

Networking upward means interacting with larger accounts. You can do this by commenting or retweeting with a comment on their tweets.

You can network downward by trying to be helpful and answer questions to people. Engage and interact with smaller accounts.

Network laterally by building relationships with accounts of similar size or whose accounts belong to the same theme or niche as you.

Also don’t forget, regardless of who you’re interacting with, you can send direct messages to people and talk privately.

As you build relationships and trust with people online, more opportunities will open for you.

Also, be sure to send direct messages to new followers. This will blow their minds!

>>> Listen to this 1-minute recording I sent to one of my followers explaining this very same concept

04 – Have A General Theme For Your Account

While Twitter is an app where you can discuss almost any topic or subject, it’s best to have a general theme for your account if you want to grow it quickly.

People like to follow accounts they can learn from or they perceive some type of benefit from following.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stand out is to position yourself as an expert in whatever you’re skilled at or knowledgeable in.

Everything you tweet about doesn’t have to fall in under this theme but a majority of your tweets should relate to it in some way.

To find out the theme for your account you can look at the content you get that currently gets the best engagement.

You can also choose an area of knowledge you’re very comfortable with.

In my case, I tweet a lot about

And recently, I’ve been posting more photos and videos of my lifestyle.

05 – Tweet More – Not Really. Ten Times A Day Is Good Enough

Quality and quantity both matter. You want to be putting out a strong volume of posts to get people’s attention.

Twitter as a platform specifically allows high-frequency posting. Because of the structure of the timeline and the feed, you can get away with tweeting a lot throughout the day.

If you’re making posts that get good engagement, logically it makes sense to make more of them.

Tweeting more will also give the added benefit of getting better at writing and drafting tweets as you’ll get more experience with tweets that perform well versus tweets that don’t.

I suggest you tweet at least 10 tweets per day.

Now, you don’t have to spend all day on Twitter tweeting.

Here’s what you can do instead.

Take 30 minutes to write all the tweets you can. Do it fast. Forget about quality for the moment.

Once the 30 minutes are over, spend 10 minutes editing the tweets.

Finally, insert them into your tweet scheduler.

“…. Wait, a tweet scheduler? What’s that?”

It’s an app that lets you schedule tweets. Once they are scheduled, they’ll be posted automatically by the app.

I use Hypefury.

>>> Take a look at Hypefury here (this is an affiliate link, by the way. If you subscribe using it, I’ll get a commission of the sale)

06 – Be Consistent Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

Once you have everything together you have to be consistent if you want to grow your account.

You need to focus on showing up and getting better every single day.

If you’re inconsistent with your posting and engagement on Twitter there’s no way you’ll grow your account to its potential.

Commit every day to put out good content and engaging with people on the platform.

It’s the gradual consistency that will wake you from 0 to 100 followers, 100 to 1000, and beyond.

Again, focus on posting 10 tweets per day. But most importantly, engaging with other people by replying to their tweets, sending new followers direct messages, and being helpful to others.

07 – Imitate Successful Accounts

Recently, a twitter follower sent me this direct message: “I’ve noticed a more dedicated approach to fitness than before. More videos than before. Adding more diverse content, I believe.”

I explained that by posting the fitness videos and photos I let people inside my world. It makes me more relatable.

It’s also what I noticed other creators doing. So I just did what they did: I started posting photos and videos of myself working out.

A great way to grow your Twitter and improve your account is to observe successful accounts that are in your niche or tweet about a similar theme as you.

You can look at the things they’re doing well and tactics they use that you can incorporate into your own strategy.

This is not about copying tweets or plagiarizing content but looking at how they tweet, what their timeline looks like, how they set up their profile page, pinned tweet, etc.

Even things you might consider insignificant like how a tweet is formatted can affect engagement.

Sometimes how you say something is more important than what you say.

Observing successful accounts who have already built a following with an audience you’re targeting can be extremely helpful in tweaking your own account to get better results.


The best thing you can do if you want to grow your account to start now!

Every day on Twitter there are new accounts growing rapidly.

There’s no reason yours can’t be one of them.

Remember to lead with value, be authentic, network consciously, have a theme for your account, tweet more frequently, be consistent, and take note of what works for successful accounts.

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