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Irresistible Bullet Points: The Conversion Boost Your Sales Copy Needs

Mediocre bullet points kill conversion.

I once struggled with writing them.

But then I discovered 10 techniques that make people nearly lick their screen out of sheer excitement.

Why use bullet points?

  • They highlight key benefits.
  • They break up long text sections.
  • They make your content more readable.

But not all bullet points are created equal.

So today, I’ve got 10 techniques to make your bullet points stand out.

1. Use parallelism

Parallel structure means using the exact words at the beginning of your bullet points.


  • Transform your social media presence.
  • Transform your emails into engaging masterpieces.
  • Transform your website into a high-converting machine.

2. Keep it concise (sometimes)

Avoid long-winded explanations or unnecessary details.


  • Write high-converting copy with ease.
  • Increase your email open rates with my top 10 tips.
  • Drive traffic to your website with social media advertising.

3. Highlight key benefits

Use language that speaks directly to the pain points.


  • Save time by automating your email campaigns.
  • Increase your revenue with these proven strategies.
  • Boost awareness with our influencer marketing strategy.

4. Use numbers and statistics.

They add credibility to your bullet points.

Make them more convincing by using specific numbers whenever possible.


  • Increase your email open rates by up to 30%
  • Boost your social media engagement by 50% with these proven tactics
  • 90% of our clients see an increase in website traffic within the first month

5. Use sensory words

These words create vivid images in your audience’s minds.

These words make your bullet points more engaging.

These words tickle the five senses.


  • Hear the cha-ching of sales notifications pouring in.
  • You’ll have to turn off vibration notifications as your social media marketing campaigns bring in stunning results.

6. Use action verbs

They give your bullet points a sense of urgency and excitement.


  • Ignite your creativity with our step-by-step guide
  • Transform your social media presence with these simple tips
  • Unlock the secret to success with our proven strategies

7. Vary your bullet point lengths

This creates a visually exciting and engaging layout.


  • Short and sweet: “Boost engagement by 30%.”
  • Medium length: “Boost engagement 30% with these proven strategies.”
  • Longer: “Boost engagement by 30% and skyrocket your social media success with my collection of 69 proven strategies.”

8. Add urgency to your bullet points

Urgency pushes your audience to take action.

Highlight time-sensitive offers, limited quantities, or any other factors that make your offer time-bound.


  • Only 10 spots available in this exclusive course.
  • Register now and receive a 50% discount, but hurry. The offer ends in 24 hours.
  • Limited-time bonus: Enroll today and receive a free one-on-one coaching session.

9. Address objections

Most people click out because you don’t answer their objections or concerns.

Use bullet points to provide reassurance.


  • No experience is required. This course is designed for beginners.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the course, we’ll refund you.
  • Accessible on any device. Take the course on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

10. Incorporate storytelling

Stories engage your audience.

Stories make your message relatable.

Stories create an emotional connection with your audience.


  • Discover the secrets of successful entrepreneurs who started from scratch and built million-dollar businesses.
  • Learn how this course helped a struggling freelancer land their first high-paying client and double their income.
  • Hear from real students who have transformed their lives and careers with the strategies and techniques taught in this course.

In Conclusion

Irresistible bullet points tap into people’s subconscious.

Irresistible bullet points drives conversions.

Irresistible bullet points increase sales.

Write them swell.

Enjoy the sell.

– Jose

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